Italian, Greek, American Restaurant Alexandria VA

Welcome to Atlantis Pizzeria & Family Restaurant

Our Creed

Throughout the years, we have built this business
on a solid foundation of quality.
With tireless effort, we have dedicated ourselves
to the proposition that by serving the people
of our fine community with
the finest of food and drink,
we would deserve their confidence and patronage.
Our ever-widening circle of customers is proof
that we have kept faith with our ideals.


We believe Atlantis Pizzeria and Family Restaurant, located in Alexandria Virginia, is the perfect restaurant that has a wide variety and selection for everyone in the whole family.

Atlantis has an incredible selection of authentic Greek Cuisine and Homemade Italian Specialties.

Throughout the years we have built Atlantis on a solid foundation or quality.  We have dedicated ourselves in making sure we are serving the best food and have the best selection for the Alexandria community.  We pride ourselves on being a diverse Family Restaurant with a fusion of both an Italian Restaurant and a Greek Restaurant.

At Atlantis Pizza we are known for our King Size Sandwiches and our mouthwatering pizza.

We are looking forward to your company. And we thank you for your patronage.

Bill & Jim